Bournemouth & Poole College’s 学生的联盟 comes out on top at UnionCloud Awards 2020


At this year’s UnionCloud Awards, Bournemouth & Poole College’s 学生的联盟 (BPCSU) won ‘Best FE Website 2020’. 


Brian Stewart, Student Engagement Co-ordinator at Bournemouth & Poole College, said: “I don’t even have words to describe how honoured we are to have won the Best FE website 2020 award. This award shows that we are investing and listening to our students so they have the very best experience at the College. As we move forward with this fantastic platform we will be working with students to further develop our website to be the one stop shop for student life at the College.”

BPCSU今年夏天推出了他们的新网站, 与UnionCloud密切合作 确保学生在线无缝体验。 

Tony Payne, FE Community Manager at UnionCloud, said: “Bournemouth & Poole College have always blazed a trail as an SU in Further Education; being one of the only unions to have completed the NUS Quality 学生的联盟 accreditation and to have won numerous awards. Having them add UnionCloud to their operations shows how they understand where they can continue to develop their reach and engagement with their students.”

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